Free monthly download

I just noticed that Plugs are doing a free download each month through myspace. Each track will not feature on the forthcoming album, and will only be available for one month. This month's is a bit obscure, but it's a nice idea. So pop back to their myspace and look for the image above with writing on it and it'll open your ears to new things. Here's an ace track...

Plugs - That Number


Foxes on the prowl

The twee indie outfit that is Foxes! have just announced a tour that will coincide with a new single launch in April. 'Who Killed Rob?' will be released on April 29, which will hopefully front up a new album that is expected in the summer. Happy days. Here's a song about Pandas.

Foxes! - Panda Bear Song


Your Twenties

I went to see the ever wonderful Metronomy last night, and realised how effin massive they are these days. Jeez Louise! I've never seen so many people dance at a London gig before. But I for one was not so aware of the bassist Gabriel Stebbing's little side project Your Twenties. They're definatey one to watch this year as they bring back a brit pop influenced sound to your ears. Lovely stuff. They're playing a few UK dates that you can se on their myspace. They've only got a single out at the mo 'Caught Wheel', but very much looking forward to an album.

Your Twenties - Sugar The Pill


Tall order

I hope you like your shoes because you might find yourself gazing at them. I picked up the Crystal Stilts album a few weeks ago and have only just warmed to how good the album actually is. Sounding like a cross between the Stone Roses and a dirty garage band, their music floats around your brain and before you know it the album is finished. They're playing a few gigs at the minute, including a treat at Barden's Boudoir in London when they play alongside the great Wavves.

Crystal Stilts - Prismatic Room


Go Go Go

I reckon you should go and see the Wave Pictures. I've only just found them and I think they might be a grower. Their sound is quite varied. A couple of they're songs remind me a bit of an English version of White Williams. Other ones like this one are a bit more upbeat and dancey. Looks like they've only got an Ep out at the mo, but more great things to come I'm sure. Check the myspace for tour dates.

Wave Pictures - I Go I Go I Go


A good kip

Just rediscovered the lovely Sleeping States this week. All birthed from Markland Starkie's brain and fingertips, his layered up tracks are like lullabies. He's working on a new album right now so should be released around Springtime apparently. Sweet dreams.

Sleeping States - A Trip to NYC


80's throwback

I was having a look for a the song 'Land of a thousand Dances' the other day and I found a really bad version by The Gories. I was half appalled and half amazed so I checked out their other stuff and it's ace. They formed in '86 and fell apart in the early 90's, but the garage punk sound from Detroit obviously influenced other peeps like the White Stripes. There's ben talk of them reforming recently and that they are planning one live show later in the year.

The Gories - Nitroglicerine


Drag Queens

Brooklyn based Bear Hands have got a new 7" coming out on March 2nd which is a treat. They're also playing a few dates around the UK and the US over the next couple of months. Still awaiting news for the new album release. If it's got tracks that are as good as 'Bad Blood' I'll be a happy girl.

Bear Hands - What a Drag


Lovely lasses

I got myself a copy of the self titled album by Women at the weekend and it's a belter. The Canadian four piece from Calgery borrowed Chad Vangaalen's basement to record their debut album, and it's a varied mix of shoegaze and Lo-fi garage with a couple of weird ones on the end. Women are playing a few gigs across the UK and Europe over the first quarter of the year. You can see them with the amazing Wavves if you're at The Lexington in London on 3rd March. Here are my top two off the album...

Women - Black Rice
Women - Cameras


Black Lips return

So, I saw Black Lips last night and they were pretty darn ace I can tell ya! They've got loads of new tracks that are gonna hit the shelves some time in mid march in the form of '200 Million Thousand'. I can't effin wait. If you can catch 'em at one of the few UK dates and about a million dates across the US, you'll be doing yourself proud.
The album is available on pre-order on Rough Trade if you're a keener like me. Here's a song for the restless...

Black Lips - Starting Over


French Friday

I'm feeling in a French mood today after listening to some Les Double Six earlier. It reminded me of this amazing track by Bill Wyman that I found on one of my charity shop records. Fresh from '81. Loving the cocknais. What a treat for a sunny afternoon.

Bill Wyman - (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star


Wolves on tour

How exciting! I've just seen that the great We Are Wolves are doing a few dates in the UK over the next couple of weeks. Then they're off to France and Germany. I'll be getting down to Cargo as O children are supporting too. Hopefully this might mean they had a new album on the way. Fingers crossed...

We Are Wolves - Fight and Kiss



Making Wavves

Wavves sound like they swallowed up their Californian 50's surfer rock roots and spat them out through a broken amp. The mix of heavy fuzzed bass, drums and nice harmonies rock. Wavves is actually one guy called Nathan Williams from San Diego from what I can attain. The debut album came out in December 2008 and there's an Ep winging it way to release in a couple of weeks. Catch the Wavves (sorry) while they're touring over the next few weeks if you can. You might see them with the lovely Crystal Stilts if you're lucky.

Wavves - Wavves


Not soft

Listen to these! They're called The Soft Pack. Their debut single 'Nightlife' was just released yesterday and it's good. The were previously called The Muslims and sound like The Black Lips, who they're supporting on Sunday at the O2 Academy . They've got loads of gigs about the UK and US over the next couple of months so go and see them.

The Soft Pack - Nightlife


Twangley niceness

Just discovered the pretty world of Beach House. Their dreamy organ sound and soft harmonies remind me of some late sixties floaty dressed woman running in slow motion though a field of flowers. Sorry, but they're real nice to listen to first thing on a Monday morning. They released the album 'Devotion' late in 2008. They're what magic sounds like.

Beach House - Used to Be


Omar god!

Sifting around on t'nterweb I found these little gems. Rainbow Arabia sound like they're hosting some sort of dark Egyptian ritual with guitars and keyboards. The singer sounds well post punk over the top too, great combo. It only looks like they've got the Omar K 7" on the market at the moment, but liking what I've heard so far.

Rainbow Arabia - I know I see I love I go



Double sided tape

Kap Bambino are releasing a new double single on Monday to front up the forthcoming album in April. Really looking forward to hearing more tracks as I became midly addicted to their previous album 'Zero Life, Night Vision'. This is the softer of the two tracks, but listening to KB is normally like masochism for ears.

Kap Bambino - Acid Eyes


On the stere-ereo

The lovely lot Portasound have hit the Maida Vale Studios at Radio One to do a session on the Huw Stephens spot.

Check the vid and the show. But be quick... you've only got 6 days left to see it. Miserly BBC.


Well good

These are busy busy times and it's leaving me wrenched from valuable listening time. But thanks to a friend I remembered how nice Micachu and the Shapes are. Experimental in haircuts, instrumental loops and samples they fuse together some nice little ditties. They playing shed loads of gigs over the next couple of months too. Happy times.

Micachu And The Shapes - Turn Me Weller


T'is a pleasure

It seems there is a large trend for bands made up of two people at the moment. This little outfit are called PLUG on the great Parlour Records label. The two lovely ladies put sultry bass and drums with bit of Hammond-esque keys to make an ace post-punk style track. They're playing a few gigs around London over this month. Deets are on their myspace. Looking forward to getting down to one of them to hear what else they have in store.

Plug - Fresh Pleasures


A Cracking Rack

If you wish people still made that dark early eighties bass-ridden music with low voiced Ian Curtis style singing then you might want to listen to O Children. I saw them a few weeks ago and were quite impressed with how tall ya man up front was, and how slutty they were in black leather and 'shades'. Here's some ace breasts...

O Children - Ace Breasts

Metronomy videos rule...

Check out the latest video 'Thing for you'. Really nice idea and I love Metronomy.