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Some chips for the poor

Chips for the Poor, one of London's finest bands are rearing their intellectually antagonistic minimal post punk music for a little fundraiser to get them over to SXSW this. So ignore the emaciated babies and sad eyed puppies on the tv and devote your Christmas money to the cause. It will give you more satisfaction. If you don't know who they are, CFTP are always a good 'un to see live, drum machines, intensely satisfying bass-lines and an impressionable front man. If anything you need to go to witness the epic 'Warrior' played in full. Mesmerising. Other classics include 'Cock, Cunt, Penis, Tony Blair, Tina Turner' and 'LSD Who Said That'.

The raiser is on 9 January at the Windmill, Brixton supported by Cigna Spine (an sound curator of ace proprotions) and a nameless noise supergroup featuring various alumni of James III, B.C, PNAK and N, N Minus. Get down like.

Happy new year.

Chips for the Poor - I am a Warrior
/Buy 'Tell Your Mum Bolan's Back' EP