Back with a bang!

Right, I've been mega slack posting last week but here's something to fill you ear holes with which I'm sure will make up for it. The Big Bang from Birmingham are gearing up for their second album following up from 'Shoot The Freak' in '07. If you like Black Lips, Bird in an Airpump, and slutty rock n' roll in general, TBB will suit you too down to the gutter. Big love for The Big Bang.

The Big Bang – In Love or Death
The Big Bang – I'm a Crab


Cloth ears

I saw White denim last night and it was hamazing! My ears still aren't right. The Texas boys did a split set of Work Out Holiday tracks and about 4-5 new ones that I assume will be on their forthcoming album 'Fits' on June 22nd. It's gonna be huge judging to the psychodelic auditory delights. You really have to go and see the Austin three if you can. I have to say it was the best gig I've seen for a couple of years, despite the shit soundsystem in the Old Blue Last. Best crowd reaction was for this...

White Denim – Shake Shake Shake


Electric feel

Quickie post today. After searching through the acts playing at next week's Stag & dagger I found 80Kidz. Touring off the back of their brilliantly named album 'This Is My Shit', you might want to get yourself in front of the Japanese threesome if you fancy a bit of electro goodness like this...

8oKidz – Frankie (The Shoes vocal)


We have dance

We Have Band are releasing a proper little dancer on June 15th. The single 'You Came Out' is not only a great ESG style dance track, but it's coupled with a great cover of The Pet Shop Boys classic 'West End Girls' on the b-side. Tidy little numbers. WHB are cruising around the live scene in the UK in London, festivals and alike, so have a listen out for them for something good to stomp ya wellies to. Their also featuring on the new Kitsuné Maison compilation that's due out on digital presale on the 18th May. Always a good buy.

We Have Band – You Came Out


The lamb and the lion

If you like CocoRosie and Jolie Holland you'll like the sound of Elizabeth Devlin. Armed only with an Autoharp, she sings of the loveless and unrequited with the sweetest intonation. What beautifully sickly sweet music she does make. She released 'All Are Relative' at the end of last year. You can also catch her in the North of England before she floats back to her haven of New York. Ahhh.

Elizabeth Devlin – Heloise and Abelard


Colourful arrangement

If you haven't heard of Stained Glass Heroes yet, you should. I've just heard the four new tracks that they've put up on their myspace off the forthcoming debut album 'Big Guns At Dawn'. The Autumn release sounds like it's going to be a belter. Loving the mix of styles, which in my opinion makes a good album and a good band. 'Insects' is a great all out Coxon style guitar track, 'Blue Dress' is a beautifully layered with two track vocals and some shoegaze guitars. 'Turkish Wedding' takes you to a mystical land of glock and rock. A single will be our sometime in July. Looks like they've got a good few tracks to choose from. Watch the myspace for tour dates.

Stained Glass Heroes – Insects
Stained Glass Heroes – Blue Dress


Boy Oh Boy

I caught wind of Lissy Trullie off a friend. Cutting up the New York scene with her pop punk infused rock this fashionista's raspy 'scene' lyrics make up some cracking little songs. Boy Boy was the last release in March, and self produced no less. But I'm really into a slower track she done called You Bleed which sounds a bit MGMT minus the keyboards. Don't know when an album is due, but there's a little EP called Self Taught Learner out there at the moment. Catch her as she wings her way around the US and Europe.

Lissy Trullie – You Bleed
Lissy Trullie – Boy Boy


Stone washed

Today is and ace day. I've just discovered White Denim have got a new single and album on the way! Yessss! The new track Mirrored and Reversed is a bit more laid back and psychedelic than what we've heard from them before, but it's a cracking track. It's fronting up a new summer release called Fits apparently. Very good news indeed. I couldn't put down last years Work Out Holiday. Great album. I hope the new release brings as many different styles as before. Can't wait to check 'em out at Stag & Dagger in a couple of weeks. Will fill you in if they do some new material at the gig. Push this in your ear pipes...

White Denim – Mirrored and Reversed


Super sonic

The Sonar warm up gig is in London on May 15th with tasty electronic morsels such as Jeff Mills, Plaid, Erol Alkan and Moderat to name a few. Should be a belter. I've recently been listening to a lot of Modeselektor so it will be good to see his new venture with Apparat. Here's a little taster off their new album which is out next Monday (11th May). Love this track.

Moderat – A New Error

Sonar @ The Roundhouse


Top of the mornin

I had a brief visit to the emerald Isle this weekend and heard this wonderful little song on the stereo. Jerry Fish And The Mudbug Club are from Dublin although this song has some Parisian undertones. Lovely strolling strumming with some beautifully delicate vocals and piano. A lovely start to the week. They released the album 'The Beautiful Untrue' at the end of April. It's available for download off iTunes, but sadly after a quick inspection it doesn't seem to be up to the same mark of this song.

Jerry Fish And The Mudbug Club – Back To Before


Hog it

I had a listen of the self titled Higamos Hogamos album over the weekend and was into it. The mixture of instrumentals and poppier dance tracks is a good variety. It's sort of like the better half of LCD Soundsystem instrumentals mixed with Caribou's psychedelic wanderings. The album is out now on D.C recordings. Have a listen to these tracks...

Higamos Hogamos – Major Blitzkreig
Higamos Hogamos – Moto Neurono