Colourful arrangement

If you haven't heard of Stained Glass Heroes yet, you should. I've just heard the four new tracks that they've put up on their myspace off the forthcoming debut album 'Big Guns At Dawn'. The Autumn release sounds like it's going to be a belter. Loving the mix of styles, which in my opinion makes a good album and a good band. 'Insects' is a great all out Coxon style guitar track, 'Blue Dress' is a beautifully layered with two track vocals and some shoegaze guitars. 'Turkish Wedding' takes you to a mystical land of glock and rock. A single will be our sometime in July. Looks like they've got a good few tracks to choose from. Watch the myspace for tour dates.

Stained Glass Heroes – Insects
Stained Glass Heroes – Blue Dress

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