Atlas Sound's latest album 'Logos' is as beautiful an ethereal listen as his previous album 'Let The Blind Lead...'. Washing through echoed guitars, glitchy electronic drones and softly sung melancholic melodies you're brain will become numb to any problems. Completely encapsulating. A couple of people make an appearance on the record, including Animal Collective/Panda Bear's Noah Lennox on a decidedly upbeat track 'Walkabout' and Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier. All together 'Logos' is a highly recommended purchase. So wrap your ears around these and go and buy it...

Atlas Sound – Sheila
Atlas Sound – Walkabout


Simply Darling

So, now I'm in NYC, I may as well start telling you about some of the homegrown acts that I've had my ears on. First up is Darlings. The upbeat garage four-piece lit up the dreary downstairs of Cake Shop at Terrorbird's CMJ showcase yesterday. They belted out a few tracks, all equally as catchy as the others. They have an album out right now for you to buy called 'Yeah I Know' on Famous Class Records. These are two tracks off it so you know what you're in for.

Darlings – Eviction Party
Darlings – If This Is Love


Three things...

Here's three good bands all in one hit. My internet has been down all week so I can only tell you now about some of this week's highlights. Ready? OK.

Emil & Friends
Great French pop/disco influenced pop outfit from Massachusetts. They've got a cracking single out with two excellent songs on it, out on Transparent. 'Josephine' which is actually the B-side is the happiest relaxed electro disco track ever. Love it. It's like when Elton John was good, fused with YACHT or something. The other track is a bit more MGMT in it's nature but still a great little number. Well worth a purchase of the limited edition from Pure Groove.

Emil & Friends – Josephine

The Fiery Furnaces
Saw them last night. Amazing. They stripped their sound right back with simply a guitar, drums, bass and and enigmatic Eleanor Friedberger on vocals. Many of the (can I call them) classics were played in a monster set. A few new ones of the latest album 'I'm Going Away' were played too. Matt Friedberger, what a man. Definatey get yourself down to see them on the rest of the tour as they travel across Europe and the US.

The Fiery Furnaces – I'm Going Away

The Sweet Serenades
The band from Stockholm have just released their album 'Balcony Cigarettes'. It's a mix of sick and sweet surf rock in the form of 'Mona Lee' and more indie stuff. Mix Good Shoes, Peter Bjorn and John and put some echo on it and you've got the The Sweet Serenades. There are some good little songs on there, all of which you can listen to on their myspace page. Favourite of mine is the track 'On My Way'. Link to the myspace is below, so click it to listen to all the rest.

The Sweet Serenades – On My Way


Brute force

The decadent rumbustious music of The Brute Chorus is about to fill your ears in a big way. The four London lads are releasing their debut album 'The Brute Chorus' on the 19th October and to celebrate are having a single launch for the track 'Send Me A Message' on the 7th October at London's Old Blue Last. Not only that but their heading up a tour too! Busy boys. The album is a great concoction of theatrical tales, fifties garage rockabilly and folk. Highlights off the album are the aforementioned 'Send Me A Message which you can hear below, 'The Cuckoo and The Stolen Heart' which features Tigs from Chew Lips gets some great Ukulele action on it. There's an ace vid of the practice sessions below. It shows how good the band are live. I saw them a few months back and was blown away. The best live track for me was another highlight off the album, 'The Ransom', which sounds like an amazing pirate sea shanty or something. A great diverse debut. So get your grubby mits on a copy when it comes out.

The Brute Chorus – Send Me A Message
/amazing video


I say so

So Say So have thankfully been back in the recording studio and have kindly sent me the lovely song 'Nowhere Near The Heart'. If you like Fanfarlo and indie music with a tinge of twee, then you'll love So Say So. The London 5-piece have been on the live circuit for a little while and are getting better and better. This song is a beautiful one indeed. Now that they have access to studio space we can expect to hear more delights. They said that they are planning to work on their debut album as of 2010. Check out their myspace for a couple of other great tracks. I really like the track 'The Slow Game' that's up there. Also check them out a couple of live dates listed below, I saw they a couple of months back and you get totally enraptured with the atmosphere they create.

08th October – London, Hoxton Bar & Grill w/ La Shark, Clock Opera and Gaggle
27th October – London, @ Catch

So Say So – Nowhere Near The Heart