Challenge Anika

I bought the Anika album the other day, and it's one of my favourite albums this year. The Berlin/Bristol based blondie has teamed up with Geoff Barrow and others to create a selection of covers and others in a new wave, no wave, post punk style. Fuzzed basslines, minimal beats and Nico style vocals. Every single track is a belter. Highly reccomended. The album 'Anika' is out on Stones Throw and you can buy it on Bandcamp. Links below.


Take Ten...

I received a beautiful collection of sounds in the form of Ten's EP called 'Lowlands'. The Leeds/York based duo have made six delicately crafted minimal, ambient soundscapes. The tracks vary from Eno based ethers to more folk driven sounds. But all an enlightened listen.
They're playing the wonderful Cafe Oto in Jan and working around some European dates after that.


You're doing so well

SA favourites Electricity In Our Homes have had a lovely 12" out for a bit now called 'You're Doing So Well'. Not only are both tracks up to the usual scratch, but the band are also playing up in London's Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park with our friends OntheROOF. I shall be getting up to get down. You can get your mits on EIOH's latest on their myspace. Links below.

Electricity In Our Homes - You're Doing So Well by ITCManchester


Detach yourself

Detachments' album is very good. Proper minimal, new wave synth heaven. The album 'Detachments' just came out on This Is Not An Exit label. The London ensemble are launching the release tomorrow night at London's C.A.M.P if you're about. I expect it to be a night to remember. Get some strong armed dance action on to this...

Detachments – Audio Video
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We Are Animal are releasing their debut album 'Idolise' very soon. It's a good listen. Lot's of strong riffs, fuzzed electronic interludes and husky welsh lyrics. I rate it. If you haven't heard them and want a comparison, the band lay somewhere between The Walkmen and Liars. A good combo in any case. Listen for yourself and get down one of their launch gigs around the country over the next couple of weeks. 'Idolise' is out on Art Union on October 25th.

We Are Animal - 1268


I heart Beaty

I had the pleasure of seeing Beaty Heart last week. They're layered, electronic, percussive, tribal sound could quickly be likened to that of Animal Collective, but that's a dry thing to say. They're super special in their own right. The four piece band from London are definitely one to catch live. Their sound has depth, as do the band, as individuals as they swap around from instrument to instrument. I don't know what the deal is with any releases, but I reckon they should sort something out soon, I for one would be at the front of the queue. They have a couple more dates in London and Manchester on their myspace.



Lost n' found

It was put by me that I should listen to tRANSELEMENt. So I did. I can't believe that this band never cut it beyond late night radio play from John Peel before they split. These recordings from '98 - '04 are amazing. Really something special. Experimental, listenable and tight as fuck. Leanings toward bands like Deerhoof in places, Bearsuit but less annoying. They're much better and more eclectic in their output. The band split having never releases the album '(____) is Missing?'. But to the delight of myself and hopefully you, the four Lancashire lads have put every release they've had including the 'missing' album up on bandcamp for us all to enjoy for free. Please download them all and listen to them. And spread the word about this amazing unsung band. Who knows we could convince them to reform.

tRANSELEMENt – Toebull
tRANSELEMENt – Bontempi Motor Neuron Song
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Awake from Slumberland

Crystal Stilts are back with some new material. To get us in the mood for the release of their sophomore album early next year, the hypnotic psychedelic hole has been reopened with 'Shake The Shackles'. The 7" is due to be released on 26th October on Slumberland Records. The sound's about the same as last years release 'Alight of Night', but that was good, so this probably will be too.

Shake the Shackles by Slumberland Records



Happy out

Idiot Glee is doing the rounds supporting Women next week here in London town, so I thought I'd see what the beef was about. The Kentucky man's fifties influenced acapella approach is a great way to start the day, but his sound is more Brooklyn. A gentle vocal sound that floats between Owen Pallette and Grizzly Bear harmonies. Some nice plinky keys in there too. He released his self-titled EP in March and for $2 you get four very good songs.

Idiot Glee – All Packed Up
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Danger Maus

I've only just become aware to John Maus and now I'm mildly obsessed. I don't know how this is humanly possible after constantly listening to Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and Panda Bear, seeing as he's been a part in both. The cheesy synths, booming monotone voice, random spurts of noise all make a great listen. Sometimes I don't know whether I should laugh as much as I do at some of the songs, if it's intended that way or not ('Rights for gays' - so good), but there's a couple of belting albums to listen to, and it puts a smile on ya face. His last release 'Love is Real' was in 2007 but he's played a couple of gigs recently, so hopefully he'll be emitting more sounds soon.

John Maus - Bennington
John Maus - Pure Rockets


Back to the floor

Factory Floor. Minimal. Industrial. Cold wave. Whatever, they're fucking good. The 10" 'Lying / A Wooden Box" came out in May, they just released two remix versions of this too. Tour dates on myspace means get down and see them. I saw them at Rough Trade a few weeks back and was left with little hearing. You'll be like a moth against a light bulb.

Factory Floor - Lying


Public Strain

Ace news... the wonderful Women are putting out a new album 'Public Strain' on August 23rd on Jagjaguwar. I was pretty much obsessed with their self titled album last year. Experimental, eclectic, shoe gazey, and beautifully produced by Chad Vangaalen. They've announced UK and European tour dates for August and beyond. Pick up tix quick, they'll sell out double fast. They've put up a free download of 'Eyesore' as a pre-treat. Preorders start on July 27th and come with a free 7". About time.

Women - Eyesore


Flock of Segall

I'm pretty much over the garage scene right now, but I've been listening to Ty Segall's latest album 'Melted'. It's very good. Catchy slaggy fuzzy riffs and lazily drawled lyrics. It's more of a pop version of Thee Oh Sees, with some Supergrass thrown in. I really like the down tempo tracks when they feel like his right arms going to drop off from playing the guitar to slowly. All the songs a good. A rare treat. San Fran can.

Ty Segall - Girlfriend
Ty Segall - Finger
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El Scorchio

It's set to be a belter this weekend. I recommend the following to cool your ears down:

El Guincho
Finally the lovely man from Barcelona is following up his album Antillas with a somewhat more relaxed release called 'Piratas de Sudamérica'. Set to be buyable from July 12th on Young Turks. Love the single being put out called 'Hindou'. The EP is a a mix of lost and loved songs from South America and you can hear them all here...

YT044 - El Guincho - Piratas de Sudamerica by Young Turks


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Monster Rally
I read about Monster Rally and had to check out their series of dreamy, fifties exotica hawaiian style sample heavy songs. Don't know anything about them, other that the fact you can download the self-titled EP from bandcamp. Very generous. Proper lovely.

Monster Rally - The Wolf
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New Weirdos

Get ya cobs and fill 'em with some Prize Pets. My fellow Midlanders from Nottingham are a meaty meal. I saw 'em about a month ago at an in-store gig at Beyond Retro and was well into their set. Rockabilly with more guts. They just had a 7" out a couple of weeks back on Sex Is Disgusting with the track below on it. It's worth the purchase. Get down to see them live too.

Prize Pets - New Weirdos
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Show us ya teeth

Teeth are a 3 bit band from London consisting of Ximon Tayki, Simon Whybray and Veronica So. They make an ace noise of rave influenced synth, electro and heavy beats. They're bringing out an awesome single 'See Spaces' on August 16th on Moshi Moshi Records. The band have been scrabbling round the east-end's underbelly for a year or so now pounding out some parties, forming their sound as they go. I really rate their first single. I've heard a couple of demos floating about the webbernet too that bode well. Exciting times are afoot. Teeth are playing a few gigs out and about including Latitude and Offset fests. Winner.

Teeth - See Spaces

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Primavera Sound 2010 was one of the best fests I’ve been to in years. Top fun, top bands, top city. After not writing for an age – here’s a monster round up of some of the hottest acts there…

Thee Oh Sees

One of my favourites as you probably know, Thee Oh Sees were ace face to face. First time I’ve seen them live and I wasn’t disappointed. They played a massive crowd at the Vice stage in the early eve and filled the air with slaggy riffs, and a din of delayed harmonies. So good. They played all my favourites off last years album ‘Dog Poison’ and a good few off their latest album ‘Warm Slime’ which can out a month ago. John Dwyer wins best front man of the festival.

Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied
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Chrome Hoof

They are the future. Effin awesome live too. If Grace Jones and James Brown fused together they would probably create the leading lady Lola Olafisoye. She is amazing. Not only that but the deathrock jazzy crazy shit that is produced by the band is too tight to mention. They just had a new album out ‘Crush Depth’ a couple of weeks ago which is good, but it’s that track ‘Tonyte’ off their last effort that pipped my post on the night.

Chrome Hoof – Tonyte
/Buy Crush Depth

The Almighty Defenders

Not only do the Californian gospel garage boys have a rage on stage, but they possibly did one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The half Black Lips, King Khan and Mark Sultan had to endure the annoyance of Florence (of the Machines) skanking around backstage hankering for attention. To my horror, she launched onto stage wailing into a microphone on the Defender’s last track. Khan calmly wandered over to her, picked up her mic, switched it off and handed her a tambourine. Amazing! I will be indebted to them forever. Their self titled album is ace and it’s out now.

The Almighty Defenders – All My Loving
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Other highlights…

Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em

Here We Go Magic – The Collector

Wild Beasts – Devils Crayon


Snat Preview...

I can't begin to talk about how much I'm anticipating Connan Mockasin's forthcoming album 'Please Turn Me Into The Snat'. The lovely people at Phantasy Sound have put up a preview of the album on Soundcloud. It's sounding beautiful. The album comes out 17th May exclusive to Rough Trade and you can catch Connan tomorrow night at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen supporting Pete & The Pirates for a double preview night.

Connan Mockasin 'Please Turn Me Into The Snat' Preview by phantasysound

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Future Echo

THE OSCILLATION 'Future Echo' from JULIAN HAND on Vimeo.

I witnessed The Oscillation at Barden's Boudoir a couple of weeks ago and was very much engrossed. The London four create a beautiful din of psychedelia. There like a cross of Wooden Shijps and Higamos Hogamos and Stone Roses, which is a crackin combo. The O's have just released a proud EP entitled 'Future Echo' which is available to buy now. The title track is featured in the video which you an hear here. Also the band have been kind enough to give you a little b-side treat 'See Through You'. If you can see them live, you'll be shoegazing and swaying with the rest of them.



Get your ears around a double headline extravaganza of post-punk, left-field dance rock with some rockabilly garage thrown in. A right good night for a fiver.

May 14th @ Rich Mix, London. 8pm - 1am

East London’s finest purveyors of post-punk and art rock.
Electricity In Our Homes - Don't You Want To (Follow) by superaceblog

Hot, busting, Belfast dance rock.
Not Squares - Asylum by superaceblog

Garage and rockabilly rawness from the Birmingham duo.
Vinny And The Curse - The Suicide Twist by superaceblog

We've also got DJ sets from Portasound, Heartbeast and yours truly.

You can get £5 tickets from here...

We got the event on facebook too...

Come down for a crackin' eve.



The great London tag team that is Friendship are about to release a great single called 'Lifeguard' on April 19th. It's on a split 7" with New Zealand's punk experimenters Die! Die! Die!. I was obsessed with Friendship's single 'The Graveyard Shift' which I posted last year. The newbie doesn't disappoint either. Twiddly riddims and sun filled joy. The lads have a few tour dates in and around the UK including being involved on the Sex beat Tour. I've seen them play a few times now so would urge you to go see 'em. Get you're tropicana and your tropicalia on to this...

Lifeguard - Friendship by superaceblog



New Caribou

The new Caribou album 'Swim' is streaming and ready for your ears. It's a belter. It hits the real world on April 19th. I won't describe it because you can hear it hear for yourself. Enjoy...

Swim by Caribouband

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Reet Neat

The Neat - In Youth Is Pleasure from Danny North on Vimeo.

I love The Neat's soon to be released single 'In Youth Is Pleasure'. You can watch the vid to listen to it. I'm well into the Mark E Smith style vocals and grimey northern riffs. The single is out on April 26th on 7". Little belter. Can't wait to hear more from them. They're playing a good few gigs around the UK to promote the release to. I for one am definitely going to make it down.

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Book my face

Super Ace now has a facebook fanpage.


Become a fan to hear about the usual band stuff AND about new Super Ace Events which are going to happen really soon! How very exciting. Hope to see you there.


Carnival time

Spring is springing, I have the internet once again and it's time to spread the joy of Erland & The Carnival. I heard a cracking track called 'My Name Is Carnival' the other day and was very excited by the bands blend of Romani basslines, plucky guitars, smooth sixties vocals and general magic that's entwined within it. Love it. The lads released their debut entitled 'E&TC' in January so you can get your paws on it for more flamenco claps, hammondesque keys and fairground flare. Their taking up a tour to promote the aforementioned to, so get your eyes to their myspace to peruse the European and UK dates. Lovely stuff. You can listen to the song on their myspace as I have been asked to remove it from here. Thanking you.

/buy E&TC


Warmth for winter

I went to see the lovely Tap Tap play on Monday which was a treat. Even better was the evening when I saw Air Waves supporting. The Brooklyn band consists of Nicole Schneit and supporting guests, who collectively play some softly crafted melodic treats of indie garage. She subtley grabbed everyone's attention in the venue filling our ears with lyrically blessed and inviting us in with a warmth of acoustic guitars and snare. I picked up their EP after the show, and would heartily recommend you buy a copy. The uplifting harmonica of 'Shine On' should get you going. They are playing more dates around the UK, Europe and the USA. Deet are on the myspace. Snug.

Air Waves – Shine On
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Mad times

Hola. Soz I ain't been posting anthing for a bit. Hopefully you'll accept this ace track by Not Squares as a peace offering. I'm addicted to it. Massive force, massive sound, simple and good. Just what you want in your life in pansy February where nothing good seems to happen. Not Squares are a tree peice from Dublin of the fair emerald isle. They're bobbing over the water to play a few gigs through Feb, so brave the winds and make sure you're there for a refreshing live show. Rumors are of a debut release in May. Thanks to Offset for the tip off. Love love.

Saturday 23rd Jan – Twisted Pepper – Dublin
Saturday 30th Jan – Out To Lunch Festival – Belfast
Friday 19th Feb – Puregroove Instore (1:15pm) – London, EC1A 9JX
Saturday 20th Feb – Brixton Windmill
Sunday 21st Feb – Old Blue Last – (8pm) – London, EC2A 3E
Friday 26th Feb – Cabaret Voltaire – Edinburgh

Not Squares – Asylum


No more Fantasy

So Owen Pallett released his new album 'Heartland' this week, dispelling the guise of Final Fantasy (although the music still sounds the same). It's a good listen, although not as edgy as 'He Poos Clouds'. He relies more on electronic sounds on this recording and less strings, but the orchestral builds and considered arrangements are still apparent. There are still some beautiful tracks on the album though, including 'Lewis Takes Off His Shirt' and a slower 'Red Sun No. 5'. The album is out now on Domino Records. There are tour dates on his myspace too. Pop your ears around these...

Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
Owen Pallett – Red Sun No. 5


Bear with me

Bit late blogging about this, but I saw Bear In Heaven play an awesome in-store gig in Brooklyn last month. They filled the room and made all the hipsters shut the fuck up. Quite a power. Their synth pop psyche of epic scale has all been instilled in a great album 'Beast Rest Forth Mouth'. It's a nice little trip through space. The biggest track that the four Brooklyn boys have put down has to be 'Lovesick Teenagers'. It's like you've packed loads of painkillers and everything is easing. Love it. They're playing a shed load of live dates to promote the album, including SXSW and some European dates in April. Go see 'em. I've also included the track 'Bag of Bags' of the previous release 'Red Bloom of the Boom', as it's amazing.

Bear In Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers
Bear In Heaven – Bag of Bags


Strong stuff

HNY 'The Internet'! Hope you're all warm where you are. So now, I've got over the hump of moving cities and post-turkey stomach cramps, I can delight you with more music! So let's start with the very exciting Connan Mockasin. The New Zealand born man makes the most wonderfully weird psychedelic munchkin music. I love it! I heard the track 'Egon Hosford' on recommendation from a mate, and was very excited. Even more so, when I discovered that he's putting final touches to his debut album 'Please Turn Me Into The Snat' which is due for release in late February, early March. There's a cracking sample off the release on his myspace entitled 'Megumi The Milkyway Above'. I can't wait to hear more tracks. Love the warped acoustics, synths and Helium filled vocals. He's got a few EPs out on the circuit, so if you haven't got patience than sniff out a copy or two. Enjoy the vid and the track and I'll bob you more details of the album release when I hear more.

Connan Mockasin – Egon Hosford