No more Fantasy

So Owen Pallett released his new album 'Heartland' this week, dispelling the guise of Final Fantasy (although the music still sounds the same). It's a good listen, although not as edgy as 'He Poos Clouds'. He relies more on electronic sounds on this recording and less strings, but the orchestral builds and considered arrangements are still apparent. There are still some beautiful tracks on the album though, including 'Lewis Takes Off His Shirt' and a slower 'Red Sun No. 5'. The album is out now on Domino Records. There are tour dates on his myspace too. Pop your ears around these...

Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
Owen Pallett – Red Sun No. 5


Bear with me

Bit late blogging about this, but I saw Bear In Heaven play an awesome in-store gig in Brooklyn last month. They filled the room and made all the hipsters shut the fuck up. Quite a power. Their synth pop psyche of epic scale has all been instilled in a great album 'Beast Rest Forth Mouth'. It's a nice little trip through space. The biggest track that the four Brooklyn boys have put down has to be 'Lovesick Teenagers'. It's like you've packed loads of painkillers and everything is easing. Love it. They're playing a shed load of live dates to promote the album, including SXSW and some European dates in April. Go see 'em. I've also included the track 'Bag of Bags' of the previous release 'Red Bloom of the Boom', as it's amazing.

Bear In Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers
Bear In Heaven – Bag of Bags


Strong stuff

HNY 'The Internet'! Hope you're all warm where you are. So now, I've got over the hump of moving cities and post-turkey stomach cramps, I can delight you with more music! So let's start with the very exciting Connan Mockasin. The New Zealand born man makes the most wonderfully weird psychedelic munchkin music. I love it! I heard the track 'Egon Hosford' on recommendation from a mate, and was very excited. Even more so, when I discovered that he's putting final touches to his debut album 'Please Turn Me Into The Snat' which is due for release in late February, early March. There's a cracking sample off the release on his myspace entitled 'Megumi The Milkyway Above'. I can't wait to hear more tracks. Love the warped acoustics, synths and Helium filled vocals. He's got a few EPs out on the circuit, so if you haven't got patience than sniff out a copy or two. Enjoy the vid and the track and I'll bob you more details of the album release when I hear more.

Connan Mockasin – Egon Hosford