Challenge Anika

I bought the Anika album the other day, and it's one of my favourite albums this year. The Berlin/Bristol based blondie has teamed up with Geoff Barrow and others to create a selection of covers and others in a new wave, no wave, post punk style. Fuzzed basslines, minimal beats and Nico style vocals. Every single track is a belter. Highly reccomended. The album 'Anika' is out on Stones Throw and you can buy it on Bandcamp. Links below.


Take Ten...

I received a beautiful collection of sounds in the form of Ten's EP called 'Lowlands'. The Leeds/York based duo have made six delicately crafted minimal, ambient soundscapes. The tracks vary from Eno based ethers to more folk driven sounds. But all an enlightened listen.
They're playing the wonderful Cafe Oto in Jan and working around some European dates after that.


You're doing so well

SA favourites Electricity In Our Homes have had a lovely 12" out for a bit now called 'You're Doing So Well'. Not only are both tracks up to the usual scratch, but the band are also playing up in London's Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park with our friends OntheROOF. I shall be getting up to get down. You can get your mits on EIOH's latest on their myspace. Links below.

Electricity In Our Homes - You're Doing So Well by ITCManchester