Hello super ace people. This previously loved paged has seized up, but you'll be glad to know that we'll still be treating you to bite sized morsels on Facebook and Twitter. If we ever get time again, we'll do some proper reviews now and then.


Some chips for the poor

Chips for the Poor, one of London's finest bands are rearing their intellectually antagonistic minimal post punk music for a little fundraiser to get them over to SXSW this. So ignore the emaciated babies and sad eyed puppies on the tv and devote your Christmas money to the cause. It will give you more satisfaction. If you don't know who they are, CFTP are always a good 'un to see live, drum machines, intensely satisfying bass-lines and an impressionable front man. If anything you need to go to witness the epic 'Warrior' played in full. Mesmerising. Other classics include 'Cock, Cunt, Penis, Tony Blair, Tina Turner' and 'LSD Who Said That'.

The raiser is on 9 January at the Windmill, Brixton supported by Cigna Spine (an sound curator of ace proprotions) and a nameless noise supergroup featuring various alumni of James III, B.C, PNAK and N, N Minus. Get down like.

Happy new year.

Chips for the Poor - I am a Warrior
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Challenge Anika

I bought the Anika album the other day, and it's one of my favourite albums this year. The Berlin/Bristol based blondie has teamed up with Geoff Barrow and others to create a selection of covers and others in a new wave, no wave, post punk style. Fuzzed basslines, minimal beats and Nico style vocals. Every single track is a belter. Highly reccomended. The album 'Anika' is out on Stones Throw and you can buy it on Bandcamp. Links below.


Take Ten...

I received a beautiful collection of sounds in the form of Ten's EP called 'Lowlands'. The Leeds/York based duo have made six delicately crafted minimal, ambient soundscapes. The tracks vary from Eno based ethers to more folk driven sounds. But all an enlightened listen.
They're playing the wonderful Cafe Oto in Jan and working around some European dates after that.


You're doing so well

SA favourites Electricity In Our Homes have had a lovely 12" out for a bit now called 'You're Doing So Well'. Not only are both tracks up to the usual scratch, but the band are also playing up in London's Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park with our friends OntheROOF. I shall be getting up to get down. You can get your mits on EIOH's latest on their myspace. Links below.

Electricity In Our Homes - You're Doing So Well by ITCManchester


Detach yourself

Detachments' album is very good. Proper minimal, new wave synth heaven. The album 'Detachments' just came out on This Is Not An Exit label. The London ensemble are launching the release tomorrow night at London's C.A.M.P if you're about. I expect it to be a night to remember. Get some strong armed dance action on to this...

Detachments – Audio Video
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We Are Animal are releasing their debut album 'Idolise' very soon. It's a good listen. Lot's of strong riffs, fuzzed electronic interludes and husky welsh lyrics. I rate it. If you haven't heard them and want a comparison, the band lay somewhere between The Walkmen and Liars. A good combo in any case. Listen for yourself and get down one of their launch gigs around the country over the next couple of weeks. 'Idolise' is out on Art Union on October 25th.

We Are Animal - 1268


I heart Beaty

I had the pleasure of seeing Beaty Heart last week. They're layered, electronic, percussive, tribal sound could quickly be likened to that of Animal Collective, but that's a dry thing to say. They're super special in their own right. The four piece band from London are definitely one to catch live. Their sound has depth, as do the band, as individuals as they swap around from instrument to instrument. I don't know what the deal is with any releases, but I reckon they should sort something out soon, I for one would be at the front of the queue. They have a couple more dates in London and Manchester on their myspace.



Lost n' found

It was put by me that I should listen to tRANSELEMENt. So I did. I can't believe that this band never cut it beyond late night radio play from John Peel before they split. These recordings from '98 - '04 are amazing. Really something special. Experimental, listenable and tight as fuck. Leanings toward bands like Deerhoof in places, Bearsuit but less annoying. They're much better and more eclectic in their output. The band split having never releases the album '(____) is Missing?'. But to the delight of myself and hopefully you, the four Lancashire lads have put every release they've had including the 'missing' album up on bandcamp for us all to enjoy for free. Please download them all and listen to them. And spread the word about this amazing unsung band. Who knows we could convince them to reform.

tRANSELEMENt – Toebull
tRANSELEMENt – Bontempi Motor Neuron Song
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Awake from Slumberland

Crystal Stilts are back with some new material. To get us in the mood for the release of their sophomore album early next year, the hypnotic psychedelic hole has been reopened with 'Shake The Shackles'. The 7" is due to be released on 26th October on Slumberland Records. The sound's about the same as last years release 'Alight of Night', but that was good, so this probably will be too.

Shake the Shackles by Slumberland Records