Horribly good

Just heard The Horrors new single which I can't stop listening to! It's so so good. Their sound has changed a bit from what I can remember of their stuff a couple of years ago. This song is an epic proggy blend of Joy Division and dare I say Echo And The Bunny Men. It spirals from bleak to uplifting. Truely amazing song. The video is cool too. I can't wait until the release of the new album 'Primary Colours' which is out on May 4. They're playing a few dates in and around, so be sure to get yourself down to see their hair.

The Horrors - Sea With A Sea


Return from the flames

Terrible pun, but Pheonix are blazin' back with a new album titled 'Wolfgang Amadeus Pheonix' on May 25. They've popped a free download up on their website which I've posted below for you. You just can't help but love 'em.

Pheonix - 1901


Woodstock anyone?

Just heard this little track from Radio Moscow and I thought it was fresh from '69. The psychodelic rockers from Iowa are releasing their second album 'Brain Cycles' on April 14. I'm going to grow my hair and a beard to await it's release. Rock!

Radio Moscow - Broke Down


Get some manners

Dreamy pop princes Passion Pit are putting out a full length album 'Manners' on May 18th (UK) and May 19th (everywhere else). What a joy. Here's the first taste of new things.

Passion Pit - The Reeling


Paws for thought

The beautiful Grizzly Bear are birthing another cub on May 26 by the name of 'Veckatimest'. I found this little taster on the interweb. Shhh. If Daniel Rossen is still on a roll from his Department of Eagles form last year, this album is set to be something special indeed. If your lucky enough to live in the US, the Grizzlies are doing the rounds. Tour dates are on the myspace.

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks


May is on his way

I'm extremely excited to be seeing the wonderful Animal Collective this evening. I'm almost as delighted to being able to see Dent May supporting. Loving his little Ukulele ballads. He really reminds me of Jens Leckman in a good way. Perfect little songs for a sunny spring day. He's doing a few UK dates followed by some European spots. See the myspace innit.

Dent May - Meet Me In The Garden


Show us ya bones

So I'm back from the slopes with some lovely panda eyes. These eyes have been looking up on what the beautiful Ebony Bones has been up to, and they were delighted to see that she has a new single. Bit late on the pick up this one, but well worth some time in your ears. I still can't get over the fact that she still isn't signed, yet she's huuuge in the US. London girl did good. No album as yet, but I'm sure it won't be long, but you can catch her live act around festivals in the summer.

Ebony Bones - Warrior



I'm off on holidays for a week where the mountains climb and the snow blows. So have seven lovely days without me and pop back I'll post some more musical odds n sods on my return.

Pop Looks Bach

Twee me

Just listened to Thunder Power's 'Take a Hike' song which has been a treat for a while, so I thought I'd see what they're up to and lucky for us all they're working on a new EP 'Friendships' which is 'out soon'. If they give us more delights like the track below and Cassanova off their last EP 'Love Yourself' then it be a little twee indie heartwarmer. They're playing a couple of dates in and around Nebraska in April and August.

Thunder Power - Take a Hike


Icy Reception

Chicago based Icy Demons are doing a bit of a jaunt around Europe in May. I've been into a few of the tracks off last years album Miami Ice, the title track of which is below for your listening pleasure. I dunno what the tour is in order of, hopefully more releases out soon, although I've had a skeg about and I can't find any notable reports. But get yourself some tix if you want to witness some experimental sounds. I reckon they'll do well live...

Icy Demons - Miami Ice



Just noticed that Abe Vigoda have got a new EP out called 'Reviver'. Heard this track off it and it's good. They've changed their sound a bit on this one, it sounds a bit like TV on the Radio crossed with the Vivian Girls. I hope to hear more of the crazy tropical style punk that they had going on their previous release 'Skeleton'. The LA based boys are off on a jaunt around the US at the moment and are hitting UK shores in May. Tour dates are up on their myspace.

Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie


AU my word...

Not only does a mate of mine have an ace new haircut, but he told me about AU. They're about the best thing I've heard since I first heard Leaf House by Animal Collective. They released their second album 'Verbs' at the back end of last year and it's a beautiful arrangement of piano, strings, brass, guitar and melody. The brains behind AU is Portland based Luke Wyland, and similarly to Animal Collective they change in members and experiment and redefine the way in which tracks are constructed with ambient chords, strange sounds and folky harmonised voices. Gutted I haven't discovered them before, but happy they're in my ears now.

AU - RR vs. D


Please Please me

Firstly, apologies for not posting the last couple of days, I was in illville, but now I'm back to tell you that there's an ace little music weekend planned in Peckham in a couple of weeks called 'Yes Way'. If you like the sound of loads of obscure little noisey bands playing in one place over a two day period then this will be right up your ally. I've checked through the line-up and there are a couple of little gems in there. Good ones beginning with 'P' are Plug, Pens and Please. Here's a nice instrumental by the latter of the three and a link to the festival page...

Please - Aprington Orphan

Yes Way Weekender


Digital love

I heard this song the other day and it instantly made me happy. Fresh from '65 and influenced by Pierre Schaeffer, Perrey-Kingsley cut and spliced tape loops to create a 'new digital sound'. I love it.

Perrey-Kingsley - Computer in Love



I heard this track from Great Ape and it's ace. The Aussie band have a cool electro angle. They remind me a bit of Datarock with a Nick Cave style vocal on the top. The lyrics aren't as profound as Cave's but it's a cracking little track. Heard a couple of other tracks briefly but none of them are as good as this one so far. Hope they sort out some more songs like this...

Great Ape - I Want You Bad


The Deacon returns

The amazing Dan Deacon has a new album coming out on March 24th called 'Bromst'. I can't wait. I've heard a couple of tracks that have leaked onto the interweb, one of which is below. They seem to be less crazy than before, keeping the electro more minimal but as ever, they are beautifully composed. There's a big Aussie and US tour planned and i've seen a sneaky date or two in the UK. This is a pretty song that sounds like a mix of 'Big Milk' and 'Wham City'. Nice.

Dan Deacon - Snookered