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Childs play

I spent a good time in Rough Trade over the weekend and found possibly the best named band ever, Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds. The album Dracula Boots is a real treat of psychedelic rockabilly garage rock that ranges from the silly to the slutty. I love it. 'I Found a Peanut' posted below makes you chuckle along through catchy riff whilst other tracks like La Llarona sound like they belong on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. It's a bit Cramps like in places. A great listen and well worth a purchase.

Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds – I Found a Peanut
Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds – La Llarona


You keep the beat...

I saw Plug on Sunday at Upset The Rhythm and was suitably impressed, especially with the bassist's ability to play the keyboard with her toe as well as sing and strum simultaneously. The post punk duo have got their second release out on Monday which follows the great first release Fresh Pleasures in great form. The double single for B-boy and You Keep The Beat also comes on a delightful Dalai Lama faced Vinyl. Both tracks are well catchy. Ace stuff. The link to pre-order is below with a little listener.

Plug – B-boy


Primary Colours

The Horrors - Who Can Say from IM // UR on Vimeo.

What a joy it was to have received the new Horrors album a little early so I can tell you all how ace it is. Primary Colours out next Monday (4th) is an overwhelming step up from the London lads. It starts off with Mirror's Image lulling you in with some soft synth to build through big low slung bass to a darkly uplifting finish. The album then takes you to the depths of some gothic post punk with chillingly beautiful organs. All produced to echoey perfection with the aid of Geoff Barrow (of Portishead). This is definately an album to fill anyones hole who says that second albums are difficult. Inspiring stuff. Who Can Say is the next single release.

The Horrors – Mirror's Image


Two doors down

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, work is kicking my A. But this is a perfect opportunity to tell you about Two Door Cinema Club. The lovely Irish boys are creating perfect sun infused pop rock. If you like Friendly Fires and Black Kids you'll probably like these. Their less disco than the Fires but just as catchy. Great for Friday funtimes. They've just released their first single 'Something Good Can Work' on Kitsune. So keep your ears open as they'll probably be on a radio near you soon. Here's the b-side on the single.

Two Door Cinema Club – Do You Want It All


Under the radar

I can't believe I've only just found out that Jeffrey Lewis has a new album out. 'Em Are I is released on this very day on Rough Trade Records. I've heard a few tracks off it, and Slogans below seems the most true to form of previous albums. He seems decidedly upbeat. I think I prefer the more cynical days, but his lyrics are as humorously humble as always.

Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard - Slogans



If you like a mix of indie pop and Italians then you'll like A Classic Education. They're sound varies a bit between Peter, Bjorn & John sounds to some other stuff that's more like Black Lips. But they recently put up a lovely free download of a cover of Gilbert Bécaud's song 'Toi' which I've posted below, but you also download it here. Lovely stuff.

A Classic Education – Toi
A Classic Education – Best Regards


Three Birds

Just been having a look at the lineup for Stag & Dagger and heard these little ladies. An Experiment On A Bird In An Airpump pack a crackin sound of some sort of goth rockabilly. Not the best name in the world, but they sound good. They remind me of the Gories a bit. Check 'em out like. If you like them you should probably listen to O Children too.

An Experiment On A Bird In An Airpump – Lights Out


Yo Casio!

I was reading another blog and heard Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. So nice! I love the video for 'White Corolla'. Owen Ashworth and guests have a beautiful minimal sound. Simple electro beats, with nice melody and melancholic lyrics. It's like a cross of Meursault with The Robot Ate Me. Ashworth is doing the rounds at the moment with a few UK, Irish, European and US gigs. Be right nice.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – White Corolla
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Man 'O War


Being a friend

At last Friendship are releasing 'Graveyard Shift'. So so good! Watch the vid and pre-order it at Rough Trade through the link below. Get 'em while their hot. More live dates on the myspace too.

Pre-order here


Django zebra zebra

Django Django are a sound for sore ears. They're like Beta Band with more gusto and more electronic stuff. Sadly unsigned at the moment, there's no releases currently, but they've just done a remix on a little Rough Trade album Papercuts which is out on the 14th. Love this track Default. They're playing a few dates around London, and a couple of dates outside. Be worth a look in.

Django Django – Default


Dumb Head

I've only just discovered this track from 1964 by Sharades called 'Dumb Head'. I love it's dirty keys and sweet melody and I think it sounds quite new still. I was pretty shocked when I found out how old it was. I think it's a cover of the Ginny Arnell song, not too sure though. This is due to the fact that I can't find any information on the band, so if anyone knows anything about them, I'd love to hear from you. Anyway, bang this against your drums...

Sharades - Dumb Head


Shute me

Heard this band The Shutes from the Isle of White. They're on this new wave of shoegaze, pshyc pop stuff that's about at the minute except it's abit more upbeat. Their sound is nice and fuzzy and pretty consistent from the few tracks I've heard on their myspace. No album yet, but looks like they're recording more stuff on the Isle. Nice to hippy out to when the sun shines. This song is the poppiest out of the bunch.

The Shutes - Hits Like Mourning


Come Monday Night

A mate put me onto God Help The Girl. I've only heard one song so far but I hope it will allude to more of it's kind. The band is a new project by Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch. He's curated half of Belle and Sebastian and vocalist Celia Garcia to create an album that plays like a musical narrative. This apparently is the soundtrack to a film that's going into production this year. It's pretty music and a pretty interesting project. Looking forward to what the future holds.

God Help The Girl - Come Monday Night


Whistful friday

The sun is shining and the lovely Wild Beasts are in my ears. I just had a look in to see what they've been up to, and low and behold they're planning a lovely second album for an early summer release. Super. Here's one of the older ones...

Wild Beasts - Devil's Crayon


Armless fun

Cut Off Your Hands' debut album 'You and I' is set for a summer release in the UK. The Kiwi four piece will ensure a poptastic Smiths sounding summer filled with slightly less peotic lyrics, but good none-the-less. Happy days.

Cut Off Your Hands - Turn Cold