El Scorchio

It's set to be a belter this weekend. I recommend the following to cool your ears down:

El Guincho
Finally the lovely man from Barcelona is following up his album Antillas with a somewhat more relaxed release called 'Piratas de Sudamérica'. Set to be buyable from July 12th on Young Turks. Love the single being put out called 'Hindou'. The EP is a a mix of lost and loved songs from South America and you can hear them all here...

YT044 - El Guincho - Piratas de Sudamerica by Young Turks


/buy EP

Monster Rally
I read about Monster Rally and had to check out their series of dreamy, fifties exotica hawaiian style sample heavy songs. Don't know anything about them, other that the fact you can download the self-titled EP from bandcamp. Very generous. Proper lovely.

Monster Rally - The Wolf
/Download EP

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