Primavera Sound 2010 was one of the best fests I’ve been to in years. Top fun, top bands, top city. After not writing for an age – here’s a monster round up of some of the hottest acts there…

Thee Oh Sees

One of my favourites as you probably know, Thee Oh Sees were ace face to face. First time I’ve seen them live and I wasn’t disappointed. They played a massive crowd at the Vice stage in the early eve and filled the air with slaggy riffs, and a din of delayed harmonies. So good. They played all my favourites off last years album ‘Dog Poison’ and a good few off their latest album ‘Warm Slime’ which can out a month ago. John Dwyer wins best front man of the festival.

Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied
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Chrome Hoof

They are the future. Effin awesome live too. If Grace Jones and James Brown fused together they would probably create the leading lady Lola Olafisoye. She is amazing. Not only that but the deathrock jazzy crazy shit that is produced by the band is too tight to mention. They just had a new album out ‘Crush Depth’ a couple of weeks ago which is good, but it’s that track ‘Tonyte’ off their last effort that pipped my post on the night.

Chrome Hoof – Tonyte
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The Almighty Defenders

Not only do the Californian gospel garage boys have a rage on stage, but they possibly did one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The half Black Lips, King Khan and Mark Sultan had to endure the annoyance of Florence (of the Machines) skanking around backstage hankering for attention. To my horror, she launched onto stage wailing into a microphone on the Defender’s last track. Khan calmly wandered over to her, picked up her mic, switched it off and handed her a tambourine. Amazing! I will be indebted to them forever. Their self titled album is ace and it’s out now.

The Almighty Defenders – All My Loving
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Other highlights…

Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em

Here We Go Magic – The Collector

Wild Beasts – Devils Crayon

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