Mad times

Hola. Soz I ain't been posting anthing for a bit. Hopefully you'll accept this ace track by Not Squares as a peace offering. I'm addicted to it. Massive force, massive sound, simple and good. Just what you want in your life in pansy February where nothing good seems to happen. Not Squares are a tree peice from Dublin of the fair emerald isle. They're bobbing over the water to play a few gigs through Feb, so brave the winds and make sure you're there for a refreshing live show. Rumors are of a debut release in May. Thanks to Offset for the tip off. Love love.

Saturday 23rd Jan – Twisted Pepper – Dublin
Saturday 30th Jan – Out To Lunch Festival – Belfast
Friday 19th Feb – Puregroove Instore (1:15pm) – London, EC1A 9JX
Saturday 20th Feb – Brixton Windmill
Sunday 21st Feb – Old Blue Last – (8pm) – London, EC2A 3E
Friday 26th Feb – Cabaret Voltaire – Edinburgh

Not Squares – Asylum


  1. Careful there, NS are from Belfast!

  2. Eep! Sorry for the wrong info and thanks for the correction :)

  3. Best live band I've seen in a long time, caught them in Galway, Ireland a few weeks back supporting Disconnect 4, flipping amazing live!