Pixel perfect...

Into this track by Dead Pixels called 'So you Say'. It was releases a few weeks back as a B-side on the single 'Words Are Poison'. I think it should have been the A-side. It's a little cracker if you like indie punk electro dance stuff. It's got the bass and beats style from a Yeah Yeah Yeahs track keeping up with Lone Blomhoj on the vocals as she powers it out. The Pixels from London town pack a lot of energy into their work and no doubt their live antics. Be sure to catch them on a few dates up on their myspace. No big releases yet, but they've been workinn on some new material of late, so hopefully they'll pop it all on one format for our ears soon.

Dead Pixels – So You Say


Royally fucked

A mate put me onto Duchess Says and I'm glad they did. The experimental punk band from Montreal definitely bust out some forceful stuff. If Kap Bambino, Deerhoof and Death from Above had a three-way and spawned a child band, it would probably sound like Duchess Says. Need I say more? All I'll tell you is that they have an album and an EP out that you should have them in your life. Here's one from the hardcore end and one from the softer end...

Duchess Says – Tenen Non Neu
Duchess Says – Black Flag



I was exposed to Rosvita last week when they played their debut London show. The trio from Madrid are currently touring their 'Reflux Tour' around Europe right now. If you want to see an energetic, cheeky performance of some interesting experimental post rock instrumentals and minimal lyrics then you should definitely go and see these boys. Some tracks are a bit more Art rock than others, when the drummer sings through a squeeky syth vocoda. But all tracks were captivating and vivacious. They've got a couple of albums out, but you should get yourself down to see them before the tour is out for full effect.

Rosvita – Llévame A Caballito


Y not...

I've heard one solitary track by YGT and already I know they're something special. The minimal electronic duo comprise of Tom Mclean and Todd Marriot from the late great I Was A Cub Scout. Based in the East Midlands, YGT (from what I've heard) create beautifully subtle and tempered electronica. It reminds me a little of minimal Metronomy during the mid section, but no where near as pop driven. The track might be 8 minutes long, but you miss it when it's over. Very keen to hear what comes out next. They are planning to release a 12" and plan to tour in August. Catch them next week at the Old Blue Last. There are a couple more live dates on their myspace. Happy places are to be found in YGT.



Practicing Indie

I heard a little about this band Indica Ritual. They've kind of got an Abe Vigoda meets Clor meets Ra Ra Riot thing going on, concocting intricate afro-beat influenced guitar loops with catchy melodies with ease. The five Liverpudlians are gearing up for their debut album release in Autumn, tentatively titled 'Popular Mechanics'. Judging to the sneaky demo they sent through the self-release is going be a prize purchase. The Ritual boys are backing up Chew Lips at the Lexington on Tues 23rd. Make the most of them live before they batten down their recording hatches.

Indica Ritual – A Dog In Cement


Let's Hacienda

The legendary Mancunians A Certain Ratio will be playing Offset Festival. Joined by other legends The Slits amongst many other newer acts. What a treat it will be. I saw The Slits a couple of years back and they've still got it. Here's hoping ACR will be up to the same mark after this time. I'm positive they will be.

A Certain Ratio – Do The Du
A Certain Ratio – Shack Up


The Beacon of Deacon

So saw Dan Deacon at the ULU last week and due to unfortunate events have been unable to write it up until now. But shit me! It was immense! I saw him a couple of years back in a small venue so wondered how he'd translate his on big on-floor presence to stage, but he did it in full style. He worked the crowd like they were radio controlled, making them have dance offs and conga out of the building! It's like he was some sort of electro deity in a house of worship or something! Anyway – go see him ASAP. You won't regret it. Backing up the Deacs was Wham City, which was made up out of the three support acts of Future Islands, Teeth Mountain and Adventure. I've posted a song from each below. Future Islands were like a kids party on eurovision, great energy and great fun. I missed Teeth Mountain, but was VERY impressed with their lady drummer, also liking their mix of native American trance and electronica. You can see them at Barden's Boudoir tonight if you're able. The lovely Benny who I met after the show made up Adventure. His game/dance music puts a smile on your face and a tap in your toe. All for now.

Dan Deacon – Woof Woof
Future Islands – Pinnochio
Teeth Mountain – Ghost Science
Adventure – Poison Diamonds



Some gain

I heard this track by Comet Gain whilst frisking myspace the other day and I keep listening to it. 'Love Without Lies' is a little indie dancer with a heavy fuzz bass and disco drumming. I think it's been around a while but I don't care. A good song is a good song. The Gain's other stuff is pretty twee-core compared to this though. Enjoy.

Comet Gain – Love Without Lies


Better by Miles

After hearing some rave reviews about Brooklynite Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson's live efforts, I thought I'd check out his recording to see what the beef is about. Judging by the tracks he's laid down I can see why people are getting a bit excited. If you like TV on the Radio but wish there was less noise in the background, then Robinson is for you. His dark and lovely lyrics sung in a husky drawl, layed over gritty acoustic echos make up the majority of his sound. I love the way he builds a seemingly dark and quiet song into something bigger and brighter. Here's a couple from each end of his sound spectrum so you can make your own mind up...

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Woodfriend


Black magic

The LA electro-pop trio BlackBlack have knocked out a cracker of a song called 'Waiting for Magic'. The Passion Pit type beat, warped funk bass and Telepathe style vocals are the perfect blend for a summer smasher. This song seems to stand out from the rest of their songs, but I like their lo-fi approach. One to watch. Bob ya noggin to this...

BlackBlack – Waiting For Magic