More Girls...

This time the band are called Girls. They're from San Francisco and make lovely Beach Boy-esque surf pop melodies which have a darker side. The first release 'Hellhole Ratrace' which came out last week with the b-side 'Solitude' really demonstrate the more sensitive side to the band. Christopher Owen's softly sung laments remind me a bit of Elvis Costello in places. Where as I've heard another side to the band that is more uptempo and fifties rock influenced mixed with a bit of shoe-gaze to appease the current scene. The tracks 'Lust For Life' (not an Iggy Pop cover) and 'Mourning Light' are the side to the band that I actually prefer, but all of their talent will be encompassed in their debut album 'Album' which is due to be released on Septmeber 22nd. A big US and European tour is planned around that time to promote it, so check their myspace for the dates.

Girls – Solitude
Girls – Hellhole Ratrace

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