Western Soul

I went to an awesome Northern Soul/Funk night on a visit to Bristol this weekend. I heard a couple of little treasures played by (we think) John Stapleton. The biggest surprise being that my favourite song from the evening was sung by Paul Nicholson. Yep!, if you remember the curly haired blonde from those horrific eighties sitcoms you'd be thinking of the right chap. He covered the Richie Havens song 'Run Shaker Life' as a B-side of the single 'Freedon City' in 1970. Amazing! Other highlights by CAN and White Denim along with this track are posted below.

Paul Nicholas – Run Shaker Life
CAN – I Want More
White Denim – I Start To Run


  1. I'm going to be in Bristol this weekend, and this could be exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Persuading the other attendees will be a task, but nevertheless, where is it, and what night is it on?

  2. The night was called 'Socialism' at Thekla. It's every two weeks. There's another night called Espionage that's good. I think it moved to The Cooler though, so you might want to think about it. Have fun!

  3. Thanks very much!