Happy Christmas

The Hornblower Brothers have possible made one of the best Christmas songs in the past ten years, which they're set to release as a single in December. I think I'm going to create a campaign to get it to number one. It basically verbalises what we all experience in the rapidly approaching shitstorm that prevails before Christmas itself (which is ace). The Brighton based Yorkshire lads have also graced an EP with the same upbeat twee flavour, again with refreshingly well written lyrics. I really like this band. Their EP 'Adventures In The National Geographic' is up for grabs now from decent record shops and iTunes. It's four solidly great songs for your ears. They're playing a couple of live shows around December too. The dates are on their Myspace. Other good news is that they've got loads more songs up their sleeves, so let's hope to hear more of the brothers in the new year. Here's the Christmas song and my favourite off the EP...

The Hornblower Brothers – Christmas Song
The Hornblower Brothers – Shooting Star
Buy Adventures In The National Geographic EP

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  1. I absolutely agree with you...I too have good collection of
    christmas rock songs..hope this list will be of interest to you...