Reasons to listen

I had the delight of seeing Clare And The Reasons last week. The Brooklyn based ensemble created a warmth of french jazz orchestrations with the whistful laments of Clare Manchon's sweetly sung songs. If Grizzly Bear were French, more pop, and got one of the Coco Rosie girls to sing, you'd roughly have the sound of Clare And The Reasons. The band have just released their second album 'Arrow' in the US which is due for European release on November 4th. I like the more electronically lead songs off the album. including this one below. I'm also a big fan of the track 'Pluto' off their previous release 'The Movie'. It sounds like music a mermaid would make. The band are doing a few dates around the states to celebrate the album, so get yourself down to one of the shows for some Parisien allure.

Clare And the Reasons – You Got Time
Clare And The Reasons – Pluto

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