Bright Spark

Sparky Deathcap is a one man creation by Robert Taylor. He's just released a beaut EP called 'Tear Jerky'. The release emalgamates a few different sounds, which bodes well. The track below features Brian Wilson vocal harmonies, mixed with Final Fantasy. The Mancunian has also made some awesome tracks, including a Microphones-esque acoustic beauty called 'Berlin Syndrome'. The best track is 'Send It To Oslo' which sounds like Polyphonic Spree mixed with TV on The Radio or something. All in all, this is a fucking great EP and well worth the five or six quid it's on sale for. I can't wait to hear more from this fella. He's got a couple of UK dates which I've listed below too, so you should go see him.

10th Dec - Proud Galleries, London
11th Dec - Instore @ Pure Groove
16th Dec - The Hop, Wakefield

Sparky Deathcap – Glasgow Is A Punk Rock Town

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