The Beasts are back

I just bought the new Wild Beasts album 'Two Dancers'. Not as theatrical as it's predecessor 'Limbo Panto' the Kendel four have still created an eerily ethereal listen. Hayden Thorpe's vocals are mesmerising and beautiful, accompanied with a more modest arrangement from the rest of the band. If your expecting more tracks like 'Devils Crayon' and 'Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants' then you might not like the album on first listen, but the less catchy approach is a grower, so give it some time. I think it's a little charmer of an album. Wrap your ears around my two favourites and check out their myspace to see tour dates. 'Two Dancers' is out now in the UK and set for US release on September 8th, including their New York City debut on September 8th at Joe's Pub.

Wild Beasts – All The King's Men
Wild Beasts – Empty Nest

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