Old gold

I've recently been enlightened by the wonderfully weird world of R Stevie Moore. A strong influence and friend of Ariel Pink, his early recordings in the seventies are quite amazing. Humorous, sensitive, strange, perceptive, naive and more. You can read what you like into his work, deranged could be noted at points, but amazing none-the-less. Some stuff is post punk, some sounds like it could be on the Bugsy malone soundtrack. No musical tag seems suitable than that of 'special'. I rate him. If you haven't got his stuff already, you should treat yourself.

R. Stevie Moore – I Want You In My Life


  1. R. Stevie Moore, Teen Sheikhs and Indica Ritual!

    Fantastic Blog, i'm releasing the new Indica 7" in a few months, drop us a message at

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    Keep up the great work.

  2. bish, bang, wallop, wonky donkey = http://www.last.fm/group/The+R.+Stevie+Moore+Fan+Club

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