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Speak And The Spells are a great new band from old London town. They make ace sixties sci-fi garage rock type stuff, with a bit of seventies punk thrown in from time to time. They're working on new songs right now and hope to have an EP out soon. I'm hopeful about what the three young whippersnappers are going to come out with. I really like the track below. It's slag rock sci-fi charm gets better as it plays through. Reminds me a bit of early Vincent Vincent and The Villains, I think it's your man's voice. There's also a little preview that's just popped up on their myspace which sounds double good too. Check it out. They're playing at Buffalo Bar with Let's Wrestle, so it should be a cracking night out. you can also catch them at Offset Festival next weekend. What a treat.

Speak And The Spells – She's Dead

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