Bee's knees

I went to see She Keeps Bees last night at the Wilmington. What a lovely eve it was too. She Keeps Bees are a duo from Brooklyn, but everyone's on about them at the minute, so I'd like to turn your attention to the two fellow Brooklyn based support acts who were both pretty special. First up was Patrick Bower who sung a good few Jens Leckman style folk stuff. Then followed Twi The Humble Feather, who are pretty leftfield form everything that's going on at the moment. If Here We Go Magic covered some choral folk music, you might be around the right place. Intricate guitar riffs, melded with harmonised chanting is how I can describe them, but beautiful to listen to. They are supporting AU next week at Cafe OTO if you're in London. It'll be an interesting evening.

Patrick Bower – The Last Hurrah, Again

Twi The Humble Feather – Finale


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