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Tap Tap is about to release a new Album at the end of this month entitled ‘On My Way’. The amazing debut album ‘Lanzafame’ was released in 2006 and we’ve all been awaiting a return. The man that is Tap Tap - Thomas Sanders, has not only created another fine set of equable, songs of the everyday ponderings, but was kind enough to answer a few questions too.

Hello Tom, how are you doing today?

Thank you, I'm feeling average to good.

The new album 'On My Way' is out Sept 28, ace news. What can we expect to hear?

Well, 11 songs that are quite good. Compared to Lanzafame it's a bit more concise in its sound and less like it’s about to fall apart but still a little bit all over the place. Just the right amount you might say. They're still basically home recordings but this time round I knew they'd be for an album so I spent a bit more time on them.

It's been a while since Lanzafame came out, what took you so long?

I'm in another band called Pete and the Pirates which is what I spend all my time doing. Lots of shows to play and rehearsals etc. Tap Tap takes up all my little bits of spare time. Also I felt absolutely no sense of urgency, i.e. strike while the iron is hot. It's nice to take your time about things. No real plan.

You write and record everything yourself... how are you going to play your live shows?

I have put together a super band of friends and acquaintances from various bands I love.

How do you balance Pete and the Pirates with Tap Tap? Bit busy releasing one album as your recording another?

PATP always has been and I imagine always will be the priority - it's my friends and my brother and it's amazing to be able to travel around the world and spend so much creative time together. So Tap Tap always has to come second and yeah, it's a bit of a balancing act already we haven't even done the first Tap Tap show or released the album yet!!

When's the next Pirates album out?

Probably in March

Have you read anything inspirational lately?

Yes - 9 short stories by J. D. Salinger. He's a writer that really makes you forget about everything else apart from his stories.

Who's music are you into at the minute?

Mighty Sparrow and Lord Kitchener

What moto do you live life by?

Not by strength, but by guile.


I have to say it’s pretty hard to describe Tap Tap through similarities. Some say there’s a bit of the Kinks in there, I sometimes get whiffs of the Warm Jets if anyone remembers them, but there appears to be a variety of influences that drift through their sound. Musically you drift between plucky fifties guitars with affectations of flamenco clapping and lacksidasical bass. But the reason why the songs feel so familiar when you hear them is down to Sanders’ lyrics - eloquent, whimsical and honest, all at the same time. I strongly recommend that you buy ‘On My Way’ and ‘Lanzafame’ if you don’t already own it. You won’t be disappointed. Tap Tap and the super band will be touring to promote the album, so book up some tickets. Dates are on the myspace.

Here’s a picture of the new album and song from the old one.

'On My Way' is released on September 28th on Stolen Recordings

//Pre-order here

Tap Tap – 100,000 Thoughts


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