Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenny

I've been mega slack at listening to new stuff at the moment, so here's an ace old song by Link Wray. All these new Californian bands want to sound as cool as this anyway. If you're sheltered and don't know much about him, Mr Wray basically pioneered the fuzz-tone guitar sound in rock and roll and pretty much influenced any decent guitarist that's ever lived from Pete Townsend to Bob Dylan to The Cramps. So if you're thinking that Wavves is hitting it new with that sound, you might want to slink back in your chair a bit. You can get an ace album of some rare demos of his called 'Link Wray Law of the Jungle: The '64 Swan Demos'. What an amazing man he was. Happy Friday.

Link Wray – 5-10-15-20


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